Coconut Wood Table Cutlery Set

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Coconut Wood Table Cutlery Set


A set of beautifully hand crafted table cutlery and accessories, made from natural and sustainable coconut palm wood.

The set includes 2 pairs of chopsticks, 2 teaspoons, 2 soup spoons, 2 mini spoons, a slotted olive spoon, jam spoon, butter knife, small scoop, round scoop and 2 mini bowls for salt or condiments.

Note: Stoneware utensil holder is NOT included.


Mini Spoon (X2): L9cm x W1.8cm

Teaspoon (X2): 14cm (length) x 3cm (widest Point) 

Soup Spoon (X2): L15cm x W5cm (widest point) x D1.3cm

Chopstick Pair (X2): 25cm (length) x 0.5cm (width, non-eating end) & 0.2cm (width, eating end)

Olive spoon: 15cm (length) x 4cm (widest point)

Jam spoon: 20cm (length) x 3cm (widest point)

Butter Knife: 19cm x 2cm

Small Scoop: L8.5cm x W3cm (widest point)

Round Scoop: L9.5cm x W4.5cm (widest point)

Mini Lotus Bowl Small (X2): D8cm x H4cm


Wash by hand and dry thoroughly. Every 3-6 months it is recommended to apply any type of cooking oil into the utensil to revive the wood and help it regain its natural texture. This will also help your utensils last for many years.

Here is our coconut wood care guide.