Baking Utensils Set, Coconut Palm Wood

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Baking Utensils Set, Coconut Palm Wood


Bundle price £35 (normally £38).

The essential kit for a home baker!

This elegant set of three baking utensils features a classic rolling pin, the all rounder mixing spoon and a flour scoop with a short handles, which allows it to be stored inside the jar or packet.

Beautifully hand crafted kitchen utensils, made from natural and sustainable coconut palm wood.

Please note: The stoneware utensil holder is not included in this set.


Rolling Pin - 45cm (length) x 4.5cm (widest point)

Mixing Spoon - 36cm (length) x 5 cm (widest point)

Flour Scoop - 16cm (length) x 7.5cm (widest point) x 2cm


Wash by hand and dry thoroughly. Every 3-6 months it is recommended to apply oil into the wood until well absorbed (mineral oil, or coconut oil), as it helps strengthen the wood and revive its appearance.

Here is our coconut wood care guide.