Coconut Wood Coffee Scoop, Large

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Coconut Wood Coffee Scoop, Large


A beautifully hand crafted coffee scoop, made using natural coconut wood palm. This wooden spoon is perfect for scooping coffee grounds and has compact size, allowing it to be stored in the coffee jar or pouch if needed.

Not limited to coffee, this can be a practical utensil for flour, or spices during cooking.

With a flat base, it can also be an inventive way to present a canapé during a dinner party or event.

Coconut Wood has a naturally beautiful and distinctive grain. 


L13cm x W5cm x H3.5cm - Approx volume (up to) 14-16g.


Wash by hand and dry thoroughly. Every 3-6 months it is recommended to apply any type of cooking oil, as it helps the wood regain its natural texture.

Here is our coconut wood care guide.