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Clodagh Mckenna is an amazing chef, restaurateur, cookbook author and broadcaster who develops wholesome recipes using seasonal ingredients that are perfect for entertaining.

Clodagh's love for cooking and entertaining are evident through her vibrant, hearty dishes. Her recipes can be seen in any of her five best-selling cookbooks, on on her YouTube channel or in one of her regular TV appearances in the UK or Stateside. 

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Clodagh started her career in food in her home country of Ireland, where she trained and worked at Ballymaloe Cookery School & House in County Cork.

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She lived in Italy for three years where she worked with the international organisation Slow Food. She now has a restaurant in Dublin called Clodagh’s Kitchen which focuses on simple, local and seasonal produce with a different take on Irish cooking.


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Many of our products feature on Clodagh's posts and videos, our favourites are the Roast Pork and Carrot Cake dishes. 



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