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Nom Living is a London based company that works directly with artisans in South East Asia to create sustainable, functional and contemporary objects for the home.
All of our products are designed by us here in the UK and hand crafted in Vietnam and Cambodia. We take great pride in preserving traditional methods of production, in many cases using practices that have been passed down generations but often overlooked.
We believe handcrafted products have an inherent individuality, with unique differences revealing how they have been made, setting them apart from mass produced items.


Our story begins over 20 years ago when Bich Tyler (born in Cambodia to Vietnamese parents) took the first trip back to her homeland since she was a teenager.

Now a mother of three and living in London from the age of 17, she had dreamt of again of sitting and eating in the market and simply needed go home.
While the trip was highly personal, the trader in Bich began to emerge.
She started to notice simple but beautiful objects, crafted with immense skill by the people and which reflected their environment and traditions, but remained undiscovered by our part of the world.

Taking several trips a year, she developed close relationships with the artisans and soon earned their trust and respect. In less than five years Bich was able to achieve the highest standards and prove that the best-of-the-best could be made in the traditional handmade manner at affordable prices, insuring the growth of the workshops and the welfare of the employees.

Nom Living About Us Bich Tyler


Fast-forward 15 years, and her son Tim Tyler takes over the family business.

Joining the company straight after university, Tim spent the next five years learning how to run the business, meanwhile gaining priceless experience.
Having also ran the family East End shop on Columbia Road, every Sunday, for almost a decade, he felt like he now understood the principles of Bich’s work and had built a deep connection to the products that he had witness evolve from the traditional crafts of the early years, to the beautiful and contemporary collection that now existed.

With a background in art and design and armed with a unique range of products, Tim began the process of creating an identity with a strong and effective brand. Next came the development of an important online presence from which the new incarnation of Nom Living was born.

Today we are truly a family business, with Bich spending 6 months of the year in the workshops, overseeing the development of our collection and Tim working tirelessly from our Bethnal Green studio, marketing and selling our products and building a customer base that includes everyone from individuals to luxury hotels and restaurants.


Now in 2021, the ethos of the company remains unchanged, with a focus on quality, sustainability, tradition and the use of as much raw natural products as possible.
The artisans and workshops that Nom works with today are for the most part the same as they were 20 years ago. Our lacquer-ware from southern Vietnam, our ceramics from the north, and Cinnamon and Coconut Wood from the midlands, with the recent addition of an immensely skilled Cambodian potter who has helped us create our Rustic Stoneware collection.
Nom Living has grown to become the place that Michelin starred chefs, Interior decorators, five star hotels, Stylists, Bloggers and individuals alike, come to for highest quality and unique products. 

We care deeply about the people that have helped us build our company, from our very skilled suppliers to the small team of individuals who contribute to the day to day operation and of course our loyal and growing customers without whom we wouldn’t exist today.

Meet the artisans:

Stoneware Ceramic

Coconut Wood

Nom Living The Artisans Workshops Lacquer Stoneware and Coco Wood
Nom Living 102 Columbia Road London Shop Flower Market


Our shop on Columbia Road was established in 1998, in the heart of what has become a destination for avid shoppers in search of individual boutiques offering an alternative to mass produced items. Every Sunday, we open alongside the traders in the famous flower market and the luxury and independent boutiques on the street. Our customers come in search of our shop, to find unique products that tell a story and feel special.


102 Columbia Road, London E2 7QB

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Sundays, 9am - 4pm Or by appointment.


Unit 1, 5 Durham Yard London E2 6QF

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  • 07976 917 265