Gaz Oakley: Avant-Garde Vegan

Image by Gaz Oakley Avant-Garde Vegan Shooting Cook Book


Gaz Oakley's food journey started from the home. From a young age, he helped his Dad in the kitchen preparing the evening meal. This creative outlet was further developed in school.

At 14, he got his first taste of on-screen experience on TV show Britain's Best Dish and soon after he started work experience in the industry, going on to work in some of Cardiff's top restaurants.

Image and Food by Gaz Oakley Avant-Garde Vegan Scallops Bacon Pea Puree

In October 2015, Gaz made the decision to turn vegan overnight, spurred on by a desire to eat healthy and protect our planet and it's animals.
As Avant-Garde Vegan, he started his popular Instagram feed, followed by his inspirational YouTube channel, which to date is closing in on 500K subscribers.

Then came his first book, Vegan 100, a collection of exciting, healthy recipes focussed on vibrant flavours and banishing the rumours of vegan food being dull and bland. 

Image and Food by Gaz Oakley Avant-Garde Vegan Squash Risotto

(Above) Squash, Crispy Sage and 'Bacon' Risotto, served on our Fluted Dinner Plate & Hand Moulded Pasta Bowl

We first met Gaz in November 2017, shortly after he began using some of our stoneware pieces in his photography and videos. The vibrant colours of his dishes and a talented eye for detail with his presentation, made our tableware come to life.

Image and Food by Gaz Oakley Avant-Garde Vegan Ultimate Christmas Roast

(Above) Gaz Oakley's Ultimate Vegan Christmas Roast, served on our Organic Stoneware Plate

(Below) Gaz's Vegan Grilled Steak with peppercorn sauce, served on our Fluted Serving Dish

Image and Food by Gaz Oakley Avant-Garde Vegan Vegan Grilled Steak

In January 2018, Gaz in collaboration with Harvey Nichols hosted a dinner where he offered a stunning five-course vegan meal to be presented on our selection of our plates, and which we were fortunate enough to be invited to. This was an opportunity to try Gaz's cooking first hand and can honestly say it was an eye opening delight..

Gaz Oakley Avant-Garde Vegan Harvey Nichols Supper Club 2018

Avant-Garde Vegan dinner party at Harvey Nichols, January 2018, to celebrate the launch of his book Vegan 100. View these pieces in our Rustic Stoneware Collection

Gaz Oakley Avant-Garde Vegan Harvey Nichols Supper Club 2018

His enthusiasm is infectious on screen as well as off, coupled with an easy-to-follow style of cooking, which has encouraged us to try out more of his recipes and inspired a few of us here at Nom to convert!

Gaz's debut book, Vegan 100 is available from Amazon now! The follow up Vegan Christmas is now available for pre-order.

Note: All photography, styling and food by Gaz Oakley Avant-Garde Vegan.


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