Essential Kitchen Bathroom Bedroom September 2013

This autumn, our items have busy doing the rounds in photoshoots for various Homestyle Publications.

EKBB Sept press blog pic 01

Last month we saw a variety of our pieces starting from our Rush Bag to our
Eggshell Jewellery Box make appearances in Essential Kitchen Bathroom &
Bedroom magazine, for their Layers and Lights feature.

Beautifully styled by Anna Morley, the rooms have spacious light tones but also are comforting and inviting.

Above right is our famous Rush Bag, which is in limited stock.
Ideal for a trip to the shops or the gym.

EKBB Sept Press Blog pic 02

Above left, we have our Rustic Boat Dish along with our
Ivory Crackle Classic Teapot, part of our Ritual Tea Set.

Above right, we have our Rustic Collection Flower vase in a stunning natural white glaze (middle).

EKBB Sept Press Blog Pic 03

Above left, our Candle Cup in velvet white complements our Vanity Tray, perfect for use on a dressing table.

Above right, we can see our Select Coco Bowl in nude matt in front of our
stylish Lacquer Box in Eggshell white.