Essential Kitchen Bathroom Bedroom August 2013

EKBB August 2013 pic 01

This month we saw pieces from our Rustic Bake-ware collection make appearances in Essential Kitchen Bathroom & Bedroom magazine, for their Dinning Elements feature.
Beautifully styled by Marisa Daly, with wonderful contrast from the speckly white glazes of our ceramic pieces against a gorgeous green background and warm wood tones of the kitchen utensils and accessories.

EKBB August 2013 pic 02

Above right, we see our Coffee Cup & Saucer Set in a Celadon Grey glaze.

Below from left, our unique Rustic Pie Mould perfect for baking, alongside a small cooking pot shaped Ramekin and beautifully hand-thrown Sake Jug, all in varying tones of crisp white glazes.
Within a fabulous selection of spoons and spreaders we find our luxurious Caviar Spoons, handmade from bright white Mother of Pearl.

EKBB August 2013 pic 03

Above right, we find our rustic Flower Vase and a selection of our cute Classic Egg Cups both in white.