A Sustainable Split: Bamboo Placemats

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One of our passions here at Nom is discovering new artisans and developing products through their workshops.

In the process, occasionally, we find a new way of working with an existing material. This is the case with Split Bamboo, and we are proud to present a beautiful collection of placemats produced with this unique material.

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We've used coiled bamboo (peeled off in thicker strips and then glued) in some of our older collections of Lacquered Sundishes, Bowls and Placemats. This style can now be seen in products from Ikea, Habitat and other high street retailers.

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The difference with this technique is that the bamboo is finely split into threads (by hand) then sun-dried and boiled to treat the bamboo before being inter-woven with cotton thread. The result is a delicate yet durable product. The looms used are traditional hand-looms, no need for electricity, which adds to the sustainability factor.

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The Bamboo is spilt by hand and then air-dried (above) before being inter-woven with cotton threads.

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Some of the colour options we will be offering in our Split Bamboo Collection

Our colourful placemat sets are perfect for a summer picnic or al-fresco dining. When it gets colder, use indoors to add a dash of sunshine! They are easy to clean and roll up for convenient storage.

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Bamboo is not the only natural fibre used in our collections, we also produce placemats and coasters made from Sedge Water Grass and of course there's our famous Rush Bag, the top seller from our Columbia Road shop.

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Some of the colour options we will be offering in our Split Bamboo Collection


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