Bronze Ceramic Collection

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Magnificent bronze ceramic. Luxurious tones of deep bronze contrasted by a
refined matt black glaze and sophisticated shape, this new addition to our
contemporary ceramic collection, mixes style with quintessential opulence.

We have been hard at work, developing an upcoming dinnerware range,
including various bowls, plates, serving accessories as well as a teapot
mug and beaker set that will enhance and bring a luxurious feel to your
dinner table.

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We have used a highly reflective bronze glaze that has a natural crackle
effect caused during firing. This brings glowing warmth to each accessory,
sure to create a wow factor and spectacle to your entertaining this festive

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Our ceramic is slip-cast, allowing us to produce intricate and refined
shapes, which are then finished on a potter’s wheel, to add a hand-thrown
and unique feel to each item.

This limited edition collection of products, has been designed with
celebration and gathering in mind. With Christmas upon us, these jewel-like
pieces will add sparkle and sophistication to any table.

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For October, we have created a small selection of key pieces as an
introduction to the collection.

Produced in very limited quantities and available today from our website,
this range includes a mug, noodle bowl, salad bowl and two sizes of table

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These products are truly limited edition and will allow our customers to
try out and see our exciting new collection.

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