Coconut Wood Care - How to revive your wooden utensils

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We have a simple straight forward guide on how to care for your coconut wood utensils so you can enjoy them for years to come.

Wooden utensils are a more sustainable alternative to metal and plastic.  However after months of usage it is likely your wooden utensils will become dry, fuzzy and chipped. Wooden utensils are susceptible to staining from oils or spices such as turmeric. In order to breathe new life into these amazing pieces follow the steps in this blog.


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Things you will need:

Coconut Wooden Utensils

Sandpaper (Medium grain)


Good quality coconut oil

Pics-for-Coco-Wood-Care-pic-what you will need


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 Use a medium grain sandpaper to remove the rough, dry edges of the utensil.

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 Use a cloth to remove the sawdust from the spoon and to check the utensil for any remaining rough edges. If there are any remaining, re-use the sandpaper.

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 After using the cloth, apply some good quality coconut oil to the utensil and rub it in thoroughly. 

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 The difference in colour and appearance should be immediate. The utensil's colour should be deeper and richer in tone.

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Here are some coconut wood spoons before and after reviving.                                       Can you see the difference some TLC makes?




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