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There's nothing like owning something truly unique, a one-of-a-kind item. This could be a bespoke suit, or perhaps a customised bicycle. 

When in comes to ceramics, you would normally need to visit a pottery studio or create something yourself at home, until now. 

Our Rustic Ceramic Collection has proved very popular due to the unusual shapes and glazes. Our customers tell us they love the individuality of the pieces, they can see with their own eyes where the artisans pressed and pinched the clay to create the beautiful shapes, and where the glazes have dripped, resulting in the stunning finishes. This is so different to mass produced high street tableware, where every item is a carbon copy.

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Handpicked Rustic Ceramic Boat Bowls in stunning unglazed and drip Celadon finishes. Available soon from Nomliving.com.

We can safely say that no two pieces in our Rustic range are the same. This is the collection's trademark, subtle differences resulting from the particular clay, glazes and skills used in it's production.

However, occasionally we find a bowl, cup or vase that is so different it deserves special attention. 

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Handpicked Oval Pasta Dishes in beautiful Matt White Speckle (top) and Snow White Bubble (bottom) finishes. Available soon from Nomliving.com.

We are delighted to give our customers a chance to own such pieces, so have created a 'Handpicked' Collection. We will select only the most original, unique items and make them available here at nomliving.com.

In addition to ceramics, we may also feature lacquerware, textiles and other special products… stay tuned.

To enquire about this collection, email us at info@nomliving.com


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