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Creating a complement card that would be placed in all out packages we sent was an idea that we've had for a while at Nom. 

Initially we wanted a flat complement card to accompany our pieces when they were mailed out to our customers. The idea was something similar to our business card but with more or a message explaining how special and unique our items are and also a not on how to best care for them.

We looked a getting the card letterpressed but for the amount we were looking to print, the cost would have been too much.

After looking at a product guide for a mobile phone, the idea of having a folding leaflet began; with product collections being allocated one page each on the leaflet. This approach would allow us to add more information and notes for the customer.


Product Guide Blog Post Rough Sketches


Initially after the first round of designs we felt that the leaflet was too text heavy and unbalanced so we tried adding illustrations of the collections to the top of each page which made a huge difference.

Product Guide Blog Post Rough Sketches 02

 We experimented with different styles of illustration.

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After what seemed like endless tweaking we got some craft paper from an art shop and began printing final versions. When we decided on the style and weight of paper we sent the digital files to a printer who sent us back a final proof before we signed off for the print run.

The printing was done in a couple of days. We were all pretty happy in the office with the result, even though the design process took a lot longer than expected.

Product Guide Blog Post Final Pics 01


Product Guide Blog Post Final Pics 02

This was definitely a group effort. Seems like all of those years at art school were not a complete waste. 

Be sure that your next package from us will contain one of these. Let us know what you think.



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