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Blog Update 2016: There is a feature-length documentary based on Noma (Noma: My Perfect Storm) which is available, a trailer for it can be seen here

'Noma My Perfect Storm' is a feature-length documentary film about the renowned chef René Redzepi set against the backdrop of his Copenhagen-based restaurant, NOMA, voted the Best Restaurant In The World 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2014.

Noma, René Redzepi's Danish restaurant, has been rated the world's best place to eat for the third year in a row. Restaurant Magazine's annual poll, The World's 50 best restaurants is voted for by over 800 international industry experts.

Most of us may never actually eat there, but we can feast our eyes on the spectacular and innovative dishes created by the team. Here we offer links to a few blog posts and some wonderful photos taken by diners who managed to secure a booking in Copenhagen.

Noma - dishes as photographed by

Photos from: - follow the link to read about the dishes,

Noma - dishes as photographed by

Noma's interior is famous for its raw, deconstructed look or 'Nordic Chic'. Rough brickwork, weathered wooden beams, slate, concrete and steel are matched with soft sheepskin rugs, oak chairs with black leather seats and stunning, handmade tableware. The ceramics are created by a local artisan, based near Copenhagen, and are not available to the public. However, if you want to serve up your home-cooked dishes on plates, bowls and dishes in a rustic, hand moulded style, Nom Living's range has much to offer.

Our Snow White glaze is particularly on-trend and the other glazes 'LY Green' and 'Celadon Grey' are also very special. Each piece is totally unique due to the minerals in the locally-sourced clay and the traditional, wood-fired kilns used to create this collection.

Nom Living Rustic Ceramic tableware

Above: Rustic Dipping Bowl, Lotus Soup Bowl and Oval Dish,

Our round bowls are ideal for rice, small soups or stews. Deep Round Bowls are perfect for serving up hand cut chips and our Oval Dish suits pasta or other main courses. For dips, sauces or an amuse bouche try our Rustic Dipping Bowl or Canape Leaf Dishes.

Rustic Ceramic Bowls by Nom Living

Above: Medium Shallow Bowl and Medium Round Bowl.

Sides dishes or desserts work well on our Sides Plates or Round Serving Bowls.

Rustic Tableware from Nom Living

Above: Sake Serving Jugs and Cups, Water Jugs, Shot Glasses, Boat Bowls, Square Bowls and Canapé Leaf Dishes.

All from the Nom Living Rustic Ceramic Collection.

There are two books available from Noma:

Noma: Time and Place in Nordic Cuisine

Noma Nordic Cuisine

If you're keen to experience some incredible food design closer to home, check out our friends at London-based Blanch and Shock. Nom Living is planning a collaboration with B&S, inspired by some of our unique tableware.. stay tuned. Read and interview with the Mike and Chris at


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