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There's nothing like seeing your products in action. Although we supply many restaurants and caterers, we rarely get the chance to see our tableware being used first-hand. So it was a real pleasure to collaborate with Tina Nisson and her husband Jens for their recent Supper Club.

'Broadway Lofts Supper Club is where we turn our apartment into a pop-up restaurant for the night. We can seat 16 people, who we treat to a six course menu based around a strong theme, which is very different each time.'


They started about two years ago, with no regular dates, but rather taking place when a strong theme or unique idea develops for the menu.

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Tina previously worked with event caterer Alison Price and is now a freelance Event Designer, creating unique experiences and themes for weddings and other private commissions. 

'When I started working at Alison Price about six years ago, they were using your Reversible Lacquer Trays plus a range of Bowls and Spoons. I met Bich Tyler (the founder of Nom) and discovered you had so much more'.


Jens is Group Executive Chef at Company of Cooks, and works across several locations including the Royal Opera House and South Bank Centre. When planning an event, they seek inspiration from the tableware and often build the menu around it. Nom Living's Rustic Ceramic Collection caught their eye.

'We're avid followers of trends, and the Rustic Collection fits with the Nordic style (as seen in the restaurant Noma for example. We love the fact that the pieces are not uniform, each is unique and the texture plays a key part. We like to create an element of 'theatre' in our food, the way it's presented plays a big part in the dining experience.'

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For this event, guests were welcomed with as Raspberry & Lychee Vodka Cocktail and Canapés featuring Prawns, Cucumber and Harrisa. This was followed by a Amuse Bouche with a Ragu of Mussels, Capers and Samphire, served on our Canapé Leaf Dish. Tina notes, 'This dish was so unusual, we wanted to create something special for it.'

Suitably warmed up, the first course arrived on our Side Plate (a versatile piece of tableware which can also be used as a dessert plate). The Beetroot and Goat’s Cheese combo looked great on the white glaze. Tina says, 'the shape of this plate inspired the geometric design of the starter'.

And now for something different… as part of the main course a Beef Tea was served using our Sake Jug and Sake Cups, a wonderful idea (and delicious!). 

'Although you present the Jug and Cups we used for use with Sake, we wanted to use them in a different way. We came up with a Beef Tea (a clear Beef Consomme with a hint of Asian spices) to complement the main course.'


The main dish was a 24 hour Braised Beef Short Rib, Spring Greens, Carrot and King Oyster Mushroom. Served on a unique curved rectangular plate.

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A side of Beef Dripping Roast Potatoes came in our Oval Dish - so tasty is was eaten before we had a chance to take a photo!

Finally, to top it off, the dessert (Chocolate Truffle Tart with Mango Sorbet) came on a beautiful Snow White Rectangular Plate. We have a very limited stock of the plates used in this meal, please get in touch below for prices.

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By the time the coffee and mint Tea arrived the guests agreed it was a fantastic meal, with many likely to book another date in future and tell their friends.

'My work in events and styling often crosses over into our Supper Clubs, so I'm keen to develop both elements. I hope to use Nom Living's tableware again in our events. I also source tableware for other caterers, so I hope to keep ordering new bits and pieces from you in future - keep me posted!'


Tina and Jens used tableware from the Rustic Ceramic Collection. The full range is available from our website

We also produce bespoke shapes and glazes, please get in touch if you want to know more: / 0203 222 0679

If you want to book for a future Supper Club at Broadway Lofts, visit their Facebook Page and their blog:


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