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In 2015, Dan Barber; chef, author and co-owner of Blue Hill restaurants in NY created a pop up restaurant in which the underlying theme was food wastage.

Fast forward to February 2017 and his wastED food movement set up residency on the roof of Selfridges , London.

At Nom, we were first made aware of his ideals from his appearance on Netflix's The Chef's Table (Season 1).

The discussion about food wastage is not a new one but recently it has been gaining traction and popularity. In 2016, France, a front-runner in the debate on global food waste brought into law that large supermarkets that caught throwing away or destroying edible food would face heavy fines. Instead, they would have to send excess groceries to charities.

The capped ED in the wastED moniker refers to education and Dan Barber has created a menu with a purpose: To highlight the excessive food waste that takes place at every stage along the food chain, and transform these avoidably discarded and unused ingredients into gastronomic delights, which tell a story of how they come to be ignored or wasted.

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We were thrilled to be involved in this amazing project and provided some unique pieces from our Rustic Stoneware Collection for use in service and for display at the restaurant. 

Our Rustic Fluted Tartlet mould appeared on the cover of The Guardian Cook supplement, No Waste issue in March. Our ceramic was the only designer piece used for the wastED feature

The Guardian has published many articles on this subject and on Dan Barber's vision as well.

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The event runs from the 24th February to the 2nd April on the roof of Selfridges London. Booking is required.


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