Weaving Rainbows: Tote Bag Project

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We have spent time this August 2013 on a project in Vietnam developing a new collection of handwoven bags.
This is intended to be a long term project that will be beneficial both to the weavers and us.
We provide the raw material which is the plastic strapping, used when packing and transporting goods. This means that weavers can work without having to worry about investing in the costs of the materials up-front.

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There are pick up and drop off spots that have been set up in the village where weavers can easily collect the straps and then deliver the bags when ready.
Lessons have been organised for people who want to learn how to weave.

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They can work from home, at their own pace allowing them to go on with their daily lives and fit in weaving whenever possible .
They are paid for their woven bags on delivery to the drop off spot.

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We have developed the following collections of bags:

The Freehand Colorful Collection
For this collection the weavers have the freedom to use a combination and sequence of color straps of their own choosing.
As there is no set design, all bags created are different which makes this collection spontaneous and colourful.
So with this collection weavers are able use their own creativity.

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The Nom Living Color Tote Collection
For this collection, we have carefully selected a range of vibrant colours. Weavers then make each tote bag using only one colour.
Our first collection will include:
Red,Hot Pink,Purple ,Green ,Yellow,Orange ,White.
All the bags will have our signature orange handles.

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The Nom Living Classic Tote Collection
For this collection we have used a wider, more robust strap in a variety of classic and subtle tones including:
Palm green, Natural straw, Ocean blue, Sky blue, Burgundy and Charcoal.




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