Mixed Pair Stoneware Mugs, Celadon Speckle & Unglazed

  • Nom Living - Stoneware Hand Thrown Mug, Pair of Mixed Colour Mugs, Green, Tea Coffee Hot Chocolate, Celadon  Green Unglazed

Mixed Pair Stoneware Mugs, Celadon Speckle & Unglazed


Bundled price £38 (normally £44).

This set includes a pair of wheel-thrown mugs, each with a distinct glaze to match different moods or personalities.

One mug is finished in a speckled celadon glaze with an exposed clay base, revealing the natural tone of the pottery beneath. The other mug features a deep green glaze that reacts with the iron-rich clay to create a unique speckled Celadon Grey.

These mugs boast a classic cylindrical design with comfortable handles. Their tactile finish highlights their true handmade qualities, making them perfect for everyday use with tea, coffee, and hot chocolate.


D8cm x H10.5cm,  (approx)

Volume: 400ml max

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Dishwasher safe and microwave proof. Not suitable for hob, oven or freezer use.