Stackable Tumbler Small, Snow White

  • Nom Living Stackable Ceramic Tumbler Small, Tea Coffee

Stackable Tumbler Small, Snow White


A beautiful wheel thrown stoneware tumbler in a natural snow white glaze, perfect for smaller servings of tea or coffee.

This small cup is part of our collection of stackable ceramics, which have been designed to sit comfortably one on top of another, in order to optimise space in kitchen cupboards or on shelves.

As well as keeping your kitchens tidy, this stacking feature will help against chipping and cracking over time, when piling up your tableware.

Each piece also includes a small unglazed foot ring to create a beautiful contrast of exposed clay against the snow white glaze.



D6.5cm x H7.5cm (Approx).                                                                               

Volume 125ml.



Oven, microwave and dishwasher safe. Not suitable for hob or freezer use.