Stoneware Mug, Teaspoon & Cinnamon Gift Set

  • Nom Living - Stoneware Mug, Spoon & Cinnamon Set

Stoneware Mug, Teaspoon & Cinnamon Gift Set


Bundle Price £27 (Full Price £33)

A beautiful gift idea, featuring a stoneware mug, coconut palm wood teaspoon and a cinnamon spice set.

The cinnamon spice is packaged in a fragrant cinnamon wood box, making it a wonderful gift for someone that loves to add cinnamon into their tea or coffee.

To complete the set we include a teaspoon made from natural coconut palm wood.


Mug: D7cm x H10cm, Volume: 250ml max

Spoon:14cm (length) x 3cm (widest Point) 

Cinnamon Set: 20g

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Oven, microwave and dishwasher safe. Not suitable for hob or freezer use.