Frequently Asked Questions



Where are your products made?
We work directly with artisans in Vietnam and Cambodia.

Do the artisans receive a fair wage?
The artisans operate independent businesses and set their own prices and wages. We work with them to design and develop our products.

What is the Lacquer used on your products?
Our lacquer comes from the Lacquer Tree that grows all over South East Asia. Our Lacquer Collections have been produced in the same artisans workshop since 1994. Each product follows the same traditional handmade process of lacquering which takes up to ten weeks from start to finish.

What is 'Silverleaf'?
In these trays, a layer of real silver leaf is applied underneath the lacquer. This is beaten down very thin before application of several layers of natural lacquer.

What is the 'Coco Bowl'?
It is a product we first developed in Vietnam over ten years ago and we continue to add new colours to the range. A half Coconut Shell, coated in a natural clear lacquer, it is water resistant and food safe. 

What is special about the Eggshell trays?
These trays have a layer of real eggshell beneath the lacquer. The eggshell is applied by hand and results in either a 'Eggshell Black' or Eggshell White; finish.

How do you care for NOM products?
Under each product listing you will see a tab titled 'Product Details' which contains item specific care instructions. All of our ceramic products are dishwasher safe. Our lacquer trays can be wiped clean with a dam clotth or sponge, but are not suitable for microwave or dishwasher.

Do you have a shop?
Yes, is the heart of our business. You can find it at 102 Columbia Road, London. We have been trading there for over 15 years. For more info click here.








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