Cinnamon Box, Premium Spice & Spoon Mini Set

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Cinnamon Box, Premium Spice & Spoon Mini Set


A beautiful, unique little gift set, perfect for cinnamon lovers.

The set includes a small storage box and spoon made entirely from natural, fragrant cinnamon bark, alongside 20g of premium, powdered Saigon cinnamon spice. 

The box will retain its natural aroma for years and can also be used to store sugar or coffee, both of which will be infused with that recognisable flavour.

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Storage Box - D6.5cm x H4.5cm

Spoon - L8cm x W2.5cm

Cinnamon Spice - 20g (approx).


Wipe clean with a damp cloth and keep on a dry surface. The wood will darken naturally over time. Keep your box closed and it will not lose the cinnamon aroma for many years. Not suitable for dishwashers.