Cinnamon Container, Premium Spice & Spoon X-Large Set

  • Saigon Cinnamon Box, Spoon and Spice Set, 250g - Nom Living

Cinnamon Container, Premium Spice & Spoon X-Large Set


Have you taken your cinnamon today?

The set includes a large lidded container made entirely from naturally fragrant cinnamon bark, filled with 250g of premium, powdered Saigon cinnamon spice. 

The box will retain its natural aroma for years and can also be used to store sugar or coffee, both of which will be infused with that recognisable flavour.

To complete the set, a miniature spoon made from natural coconut palm is included.

We use premium Vietnamese (Cassia) Cinnamon:

Richer in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds.

Sweeter, stronger flavour & aroma.

Useful in defending against infection.

Helps to regulate blood sugar & provide better health.


Container - D10cm x H13.5cm

Spoon - L9cm x W2cm

Cinnamon Spice - 250g (approx).


(Container) The natural cinnamon aroma will last for many years without fading.
To care for your cinnamon box, keep it in a dry environment
Hand wash only, dry thoroughly before use.