Cinnamon Incense Cone Gift Set, Small

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Cinnamon Incense Cone Gift Set, Small


An incense cone and gift box set, made from naturally fragrant cinnamon.

Each small set contains 9 incense cones, which have been hand crafted using Vietnamese cinnamon and shaped into a miniature lotus flower. The storage box is made from cinnamon bark with its recognisable aroma.

Each cone burns for approximately 20 minutes and is ideal for medium to large size rooms. The scent is designed to capture the warmth of a campfire with subtle notes of cinnamon spice.

Available as a set with or without a miniature ceramic pedestal.


Container:  D6.5cm x H4.5cm

Cones: 9 pieces per set.

Pedestal Dish: D7cm X H3.5cm


(Cinnamon Box) Wipe clean with a damp cloth and keep on a dry surface. The wood will darken naturally over time. Keep your box closed and it will not lose the cinnamon aroma for many years. Not suitable for dishwashers.