Coconut Wood, a sustainable material for our kitchen

Coconut Wood Origin
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Wooden spoons and utensils have been used for centuries as kitchen tools all over the world. They are a cook’s best friend and perfect for stirring food, as wood is naturally anti-bacterial.
Wooden spoons and utensils also do not conduct heat, will not scratch pans and food won’t stick to it easily.

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Coco Wood is sourced from the coconut palm tree widely available in South East Asia from plantations that are dedicated to growing coconuts.
These trees are able to bear for about 80 years of their life after which the tree is recycled by being carved into timber, making it a viable substitute for endangered hardwoods.
Each tree that has been felled is replaced by the planting of a young one, making coconut wood a sustainable and responsible choice.

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Not reserved only for the use of the building industry, Coco Wood is perfect for carving kitchen utensils from. Beautiful and rich in fibrous grain ranging from light brown tones to deep golden ones, it is a very attractive and very tactile material.

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At Nom Living we are passionate about recycling and using natural materials whenever possible to create beautiful, sustainable and functional products for the home, which we believe our Coconut Wood Collection illustrates perfectly.
With simple and clean lines our spoons, spatulas, scoops and kitchen utensils will be perfect for all your kitchen needs.

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The creation of our coco wood collection is a community-based project where local families are taught basic woodcarving and take part in the early stages of production.
Not only does this helps to bring work to the community, but also preserves traditional craft and method.
Once the base shape is ready, the intricate and detailed finishing is completed by the master craftsmen in the workshop.

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With a little extra care and nurture your favourite utensil will last you for years to come. In a future blog post we will be giving some tips and ideas on how to keep your favourite spoons and utensils in good shape so you can enjoy them for years to come.

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