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We have a guide here detailing how to care for your Nom Living products based on collection.

If you have any questions about caring for your nom Living products, send us an email at with the subject 'Product Care'.

Coconut Wood

 Product Care Blog Coconut Wood

Our coconut wood products come from Vietnamese coconut trees which has an unusual grain. It is a sustainable resource as new trees are planted for ones that are felled. 

Perfect for cooking and serving food. The smooth texture of this wood means that our utensils are gentle on pots and pans. This is a hardwearing material, which will last a long time with considered use and careful cleaning.

Hand wash only. Dry thoroughly before use.
Applying coconut oil every few months will help seal and strengthen the wood.

After some time, your utensil may dry out, become brittle or chip. Use a fine grain sandpaper to smoothen out the surfaces and edges. Then apply one or two layers of good quality coconut oil to revive and add shine. This should help your utensil last for many years.

We also have a blog post detailing reviving your wooden utensils which you can see here.


Marbled Collection

Product Care Blog Marbled

This beautiful collection brings together the classic look of marbled pottery with a wonderful contemporary twist.
These pieces are created using two different colour clays, mixed by hand, resulting in truly unpredictable marbled finishes. No two items will ever be the same, each owning a pattern unique to itself.

Our collection features a full dinnerware set, serving accessories with coffee and tea-ware.

This collection is oven, microwave and dishwasher safe. Not suitable for hob or freezer use.


Rustic Stoneware Collection

 Product Care Blog Post Stoneware

Our rustic stoneware collection is an exciting range of handmade studio pottery, influenced by Japanese ceramic and Scandinavian styling.

This beautiful range of tableware and dining accessories features organic shapes and natural earthy glazes, enhanced by a hand moulded finish which often reveals unique marks created by the potter’s fingers. No two pieces will be identical.

The collection features a wide variety of options for tableware, kitchenware and serving accessories.

All of these pieces are stoneware, fired at extreme high temperatures, with food-safe glazes, making them durable and suitable for everyday use.

Dishwasher and oven safe, but as with all precious ceramic, wash by hand where possible.


Bronze Collection

 Product Care Blog Bronze pic 01

With luxurious tones of deep copper and bronze contrasted by a refined matt black glaze, this elegant ceramic collection of limited dining accessories, mixes style with quintessential opulence. The reflective metallic glazing offers a unique appearance, combined with contemporary shapes to create a special distinctive range. 

Certified for use with food and drink. Ideal for serving and coffee/tea-ware.

This collection is microwave and dishwasher safe. Make sure these items are well secured inside the dishwasher. Not suitable for oven, hob or freezer use.


Lacquerware Collection

Products Care Blog Lacquerware 01

Our collection of lacquer trays and accessories is created using an ancient method, which takes over two and a half months to complete.

Every single item is lacquered by hand, with over twelve layers of natural lacquer, each buffed, then dried naturally.
This process is the only way to ensure a depth to the glossy, mirror like finish and is incomparable to synthetic mass produced alternatives.

Lacquer is relatively resistant to heat and moisture, so our trays, boxes and accessories can be used for serving drinks or food, organising in the bathroom and storage on a desk or dressing table.

Wipe clean with soapy water and buff with a household polish to maintain a high gloss shine.


Cinnamon Collection

Product Care Blog Post Cinnamon

All of our cinnamon products are handmade using the bark from Vietnamese cinnamon trees. This type is called Saigon Cinnamon, which has a strong aroma and sweet flavour, often associated with many types of cuisine across the globe.

Our project involves the replanting of cinnamon trees to maintain a sustainable forest.

Use as storage canisters for sugar, coffee, tea and hot chocolate. Various boxes are perfect for storing, displaying or gifting chocolates, nuts or dried fruit. All will be infused with the gentle
flavour of the spice.

Keep the cinnamon in a dry environment. Hand wash only. Dry thoroughly before use. If the scent fades, use fine grain sandpaper to remove the surface layer to enhance the scent.

We created a leaflet that contains the information above in condensed form which is available from our retail shop. One is also added to each package we deliver.


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