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This autumn, we've been busy working on expanding our Coco Wood Collection.
Inspired by customer feedback and backed up by our own research, we have been designing and developing a range of kitchen accessories that may soon be added to our collection.

Our Coco Wood comes from the Coconut Palm, a very tall but narrow tree that limits the scale of the items that we can produce.

This means that we rely on a good level of creativity and the extraordinary talent of the artisans to help us develop new and functional samples to add to our kitchen essential range.

Each one of these products is carved from a single piece of wood.
This makes each item unique, but most importantly ensures the product’s strength and durability.

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A selection of Rounded Scoops, ideal for dry ingredients such for Flours, Oats, Sugars and Rice

Sushi Platters in varying sizes, for an intimate meal or a large dinner party.

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Pestle and Mortar - Over the years, this has been one of the most requested accessories.
This specific design brings together the traditional and contemporary, the pestle has more of a classic grinder shape and is combined with the mortar bowl which has modern, clean, smooth lines. This is ideal for creating your own mixture of spices and herbs.
This is the norm in Vietnam where raw ingredients are bought fresh and usually cooked the same day.

The Mini Cake Stand is perfect for presenting cupcakes, muffins, scones or flapjacks.

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The Rolling pin may be one of the simplest tools in the kitchen but is essential for baking. The edges have been beveled in our design.

These Serving Platters, based on a traditional chopping board design, follow the trend for serving dishes and desserts on rustic style boards in restaurants and bars.
Look forward to seeing a variety of shapes and sizes.

We aim to have a selection of these new products in-store from mid-November 2013.
Contact us for more info.


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