Cinnamon Incense Cone & Container Set, Small

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Cinnamon Incense Cone & Container Set, Small


In Vietnam, Incense is about more than just a pleasant scent, it is believed to purify a space and create an elevated mood.

This incense cone and storage box set, is made entirely from naturally fragrant cinnamon.

Each small set contains 9 incense cones shaped into miniature lotus flowers, and a storage box is made from cinnamon bark with its distinctive aroma.

Each cone burns for approximately 20 minutes and is ideal for medium to large size rooms. The scent is designed to capture the warmth of a campfire with subtle notes of cinnamon spice.


Container:  D6.5cm x H4.5cm

Cones: 9 pieces per set.


(Container) The natural cinnamon aroma will last for many years without fading.
To care for your cinnamon box, keep it in a dry environment
Hand wash only, dry thoroughly before use.